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Find Time In Your Life With Harmonizing S P A C E

We will declutter, organize, and systemize a problematic SPACE in your life, bringing you peace and time you didn't even know you had. 

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Imagine the luxury of more time in your day.

Welcome to Harmonizing S P A C E.  Your time is precious, thank you for being here. This is a SPACE created to support you. It is meant to be beneficial for where your life is at right now. Being present and being able to enjoy life is part of living your best life. Fortunately (and unfortunately) life comes with stuff. The things we surround ourselves with can comfort and support, or stress and consume our lives. Stuff steals our time when it is not loved or useful. At Harmonizing SPACE we will work together to have your things support your present lifestyle, allowing you the luxury of more time in that SPACE every time you use it. 

What  We  Do


The stuff that we bring into our lives takes up physical 

and mental SPACE. It can accumulate faster than we can manage it. The first step in our journey will be to declutter the stuff that is no longer used or loved and give purpose back to the SPACE it was taking up. 


The easiest way to organize your SPACE is to give every thing its own place. Your requirements for the SPACE will guide the decision making. This organization process will be unique to each person, place and their lifestyle. 


This is the secret sauce! Systemizing your SPACE will be the key to maintaining it and saving you time going forward. Every system is personally designed for the things we love, support and use.  Now we have a Harmonizing SPACE.  

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