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5 Time Saving Ideas you can use right NOW!

Updated: Apr 2

Harmonizing SPACE is allllll about efficiency. When I learned how decluttering and organizing our belongings could save daily time in our lives, I had to know what else could. Here are 5 ideas on how you can start saving time today!

#1  Set a timer for tasks you tend to delay. 

Harness the power of time. Using a timer creates a sense of urgency that sharpens your focus to the task at hand and eliminates procrastination. Also, have you ever noticed that the more time you have for a task, the more time you use? So pick something that isn't going to take more than 5 minutes right now, set a timer and get it done!

Did you notice that having a limited amount of time increased your focus and minimized distractions? Do you notice how good it feels to move on from the task and no longer have the weight of it on your shoulders? Well done! Timers can also be helpful when working for longer periods of time as it reminds us to take a break. I know I am guilty of this one... however I will try to do better using The Pomodoro Technique. This will mean taking 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes. Taking these short breaks will actually improve productivity, prevent burnout and save time by maintaining energy and focus. I love a quick break that saves me time in the long run. Who else needs a coffee warm-up and water fill-up?

#2  Keep a permanent donation bin. 

With convenience at your fingertips donating items is so much easier! The bin reminds you to keep decluttering and makes a great practice net after you roll up that shirt you never wear into a ball and shoot! SCORE!

The donation bin also prevents re-cluttering as it won't allow any items slated for donation to linger around your home taking up space. When the bin is full, replace it with an empty one and put the full container in the car to donate immediately. If there is anything on top of the pile that you are still unsure of, put it at the bottom of the new donation bin and allow the time it takes to fill again to reconsider. If you haven't pulled it out of the bin by the next donation run, it's in the right place. TIP -- Use a disposable box as your bin or a container you also want to donate for convenient drop off.

#3  Batch similar tasks.  

Make things easier for yourself and gain the ability to deeply focus on one type of task at a time. Increase your productivity and save time now. When you batch tasks it allows you to streamline your workflow. For example, pick one day a week that you make appointments on. That way when multiple meetings/appointments are in the same week you can line them up back to back and be in your best power clothes and state of mind. When you batch similar tasks you do them long enough to get in the mindset to focus and get it done faster. I especially like batching cleaning, laundry and meal planning too. (More on how that last one saves time in its own right below.)

#4  Reset your most lived in space. 

Reduce your mental load, put things away! After the initial reset, this task should only take you 5-15 minutes daily to complete. (Be prepared the initial "reset" is a "set" and it will take much more time- 1 to 2 hours depending on your space.) This is my FAVOURITE time saving tip! I love this habit for so many reasons, but mainly I love resetting my kitchen in the morning so that I do not think about the dirty dishes, cluttered counters, or crumb filled table throughout the day. This is especially important when I am working at home. It also signals to me that my morning routine is over and my workflow is beginning. The reset can also be done at night, to make the next day start right. When our family does a deep clean we have nothing to tidy first and less to scrub because of the daily resets. BONUS -- Having a clutter free and tidy zone in your main space will prevent people from putting their items in spaces they don't belong because they will look so out of place. I know that if I miss a reset how quickly that space fills with items that don't live there.

Clutter loves clutter.

#5  Meal plan. 

Never hear “What’s for dinner tonight?” (again) not knowing the answer. A batched task that deserves some extra love because it is SO important. We save time AND money with this. Be realistic and keep it very simple when you start. Write down 10-15 dinners your whole family enjoys. This can be grilled cheese and soup guys- just get it on paper and keep it real! Choose 3-4 dinner ideas/recipes to start and do leftovers, breakfast food, take out or your parents'house, for the rest. Get to meal planning 7 dinners and other meals AFTER you have got into the habit of planning 3-4 a week.  Every week it is going to get easier, but it will save time right from day one. BONUS - Meal planning minimizes food waste, uses up ingredients and encourages healthier eating habits. That is if you haven't planned grilled cheese like me- at least it isn't pricey take-out or taking up any room in my head.

What time saving idea is going to free up the most mental SPACE for you right now?

Start there.

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