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A Bit About Me


My name is Harmony, and I used to be overwhelmed by all the things. If you had told my 15 year old self that one day I would own an organizing business, I wouldn’t have believed you. From a messy teen who couldn’t see my bedroom floor to an adult who finds real joy in tidying and cleaning, I’ve also learned the transformative power of organization. Power is the right word because having your things arranged in a way that supports your current life, enables you to do things you never had time to do before.  

This power helped me manage in my homes and at work throughout my early adulthood. In one position I decluttered, organized and systemized a warranty warehouse. This involved making procedures for different replacement requirements and arranging products to be found quickly and efficiently. The organizing power worked for me well until I became a Mother. After baby #2 came, the stuff in our home quickly started to feel like we were drowning in it. I felt like I was constantly struggling to keep our home clean. I was lost in the whirlwind of raising children in those early years and managing clutter didn’t seem like an option until I discovered minimalism. 


For me, minimalism means keeping only what is necessary, loved and supportive of my life. 


Letting go of possessions was a gradual journey, shaping new habits and perspectives. One step at a time, I let things go. Decluttering made the power of organization feel like a superpower. As time went on, I realized that I had more of it day to day. Then, life threw a curveball: a brain tumor. Living under the shadow of imminent surgery for a year and a half forced me to slow down and cherish time with family. Despite the fear and uncertainty, I woke from surgery tumorless, with gratitude and determination to thrive. Complications arose, but I kept going one step at a time. I am now healthy and stronger than I was before. I am so grateful for my experiences and to have the opportunity to keep going. Today, I embrace life with renewed courage, knowing my purpose and abilities. I’m here to serve my community, inspire my children, and enjoy the adventure of life.

This is how I’ve come to own Harmonizing SPACE, an organizing business serving Waterdown and surrounding areas. It’s about more than just tidying up; it’s about helping others reclaim their SPACE and time to live their best lives. I have learned firsthand the transformative power of an organized home that truly supports you. It’s a feeling that words can’t justify– a deep sense of fulfillment. While we all have different things in our homes and priorities for life, we share the desire for a healthy and happy life we can be present for. 

Just as a broken machine requires repair, our homes demand continuous upkeep to function smoothly. Daily resets and strategic storage solutions are key in maintaining order. By involving family and instilling accountability, your home can be transformed. The first step is deciding on the goal for your SPACE, then it’s much easier to see the direction you want to go. 

Knowledge is power. My dad taught me this from a very young age. “You never stop learning Harmony.” It’s a lesson I’ve carried throughout my life. Continuously learning, I use my knowledge to assist others who like me, have felt overwhelmed, ashamed, or frustrated by clutter. I teach strategies for managing belongings and embracing the present moment, recognizing that clutter is a natural part of life. Let me help shed your frustrations and guide you toward a fuller, stress-free life through decluttering and organization. The first step toward transformation is yours to take!

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