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What does Harmonizing SPACE mean?

Updated: Mar 20

Harmonizing SPACE means you can be present in your home, know where to find your belongings, clean easily and love the way your place looks. It means you can live life the way you want to live it and not constantly be stressed or overwhelmed about the stuff you have inside your home. It means you have systems in place for how you use your spaces so they work functionally and save you time.

For me, it means that our children grow up in a home that is tidy and functional. That they can walk through the front door after school and put away their belongings all by themselves. This is because we have designed a system that works specifically for them. Harmonizing SPACE means my husband puts things away where they belong because we have made it easy to do so by decluttering. It means I can be at peace with my home and sit down on the floor with our children and play with them because I have the time to!


Reality Check

There is no greater currency than time.

It is finite and irreplaceable.

Harmonizing SPACE means you save time in that place when you use it.


Harmonizing SPACE is my own made up organizing term, turned business name. A business created to help overwhelmed parents figure out how to make their stuff work for them instead of getting in their way. A business that helps our older generations downsize their homes, find their treasures and share their stories. Harmonizing SPACE is a business with a heart and wants to help the community it was founded in, declutter. The cause of most disorganized spaces is clutter. It steals our time and stresses us out and it doesn't have to.

Life is for living, and the things we buy and bring into our homes are meant to support our lives.

Your stuff, your space. Now ask yourself:

Is it in my way?

Can I find it when I need it?

Do I have so much that it can be overwhelming?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then please start to evaluate your things and spaces as you use them. Maybe even declutter a few items that you don't need any more today! Are you feeling curious about more time saving ideas or are you getting motivated? Follow our social accounts and sign up for Harmonizing SPACE emails for tips and tricks on how to save time and love your place. You can also book a session today and get the help you need to have a Harmonizing SPACE. What will it mean for you?

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