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When you Need Clean Before you can Tackle Clutter

Updated: Apr 17

The house NEEDS to be cleaned. The clutter CAN be put aside. I get this. I REALLY do, I did it for years. Cleaning is a task that many people have made non-negotiable in their household. Whether you are doing it all by yourself, with your family or hiring help— it is getting done. Maybe every week, every other week or once a month. It gets DONE! Or if it’s not getting done at all, maybe you are in a busy stage of life but wish you had the time. 


The clutter has not been a priority if it is still there. That’s the truth. We can live with our clutter because it is ours. We can live with our clutter because we don’t even see it half the time any more. It has become so much a part of our surroundings and part of our life that it can be invisible. We can live with our clutter because we feel we have no choice. We need all the stuff ‘just in case’, ‘maybe someday’, we need it because ‘it was expensive’, ‘it is sentimental’, ‘it was a gift’, we need it because ‘what if?’

Good question. WHAT IF???

This is the ultimate question to ask yourself when you are having trouble decluttering. “WHAT IF I decluttered this thing and then some day I needed it? What would I use or do instead if I didn’t own it anymore?” Knowing the answers will help you make your decision. 


Back to cleaning. I love having a clean house… but I didn’t tackle my own clutter and learn to make a habit of it until a few years ago. I always focused on organizing, which was mainly moving things around. I do in fact enjoy cleaning and always have. I love it because it is a physical, mindless task that allows me to make a big visible difference in a relatively short amount of time. I love putting my earbuds in to listen to a podcast or jam to my favourite tunes while I remove the unwanted dirt from a SPACE. 

With a background in professional cleaning, I have been thinking about how much people love a clean home. How that makes them feel. I know that removing the clutter has an even more profound effect on how your home makes you feel. Both go hand in hand, so now with my prior experience and current expertise it has allowed me this unique opportunity to offer a full service tidy and cleaning package to Harmonizing SPACE.

I am opening my doors to those who need clean as a priority but are also interested in what to do about the clutter. For a limited time, I want to give the option of a cleaning only service for those who may be curious about decluttering and organizing but want to focus on the dirt before they tackle the stuff.

Get your home clean AND clear this Spring, and for a limited time at a discounted rate. Contact me through this website, Instagram or Facebook for 30% off your first service!

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