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Senior Services

A lifetime of stuff can be the ultimate overwhelm so here is a SPACE to start taking back your time and keeping the things close that matter. 

Happy retired couple decluttered with free time

Everyone has a story and the stuff we own and accumulate over our lives helps us remember as well as tell it.  When it is time to move and downsize it can be difficult to make the decisions regarding what stays and goes, but also physically handling what is done with it. I have the knowledge, physicality and compassion to assist people who find themselves at this stage of life. I am personally very sentimental so I can appreciate the emotional attachment to our stuff. I will learn your story as we go through your treasures and will be able to ask the questions that help you find which ones deserve a place in your new home. The joy one finds when we live in a SPACE of comfort and love that also supports our lifestyle is not easily described. I look forward to having the opportunity to help you or the seniors in your life feel the happiness Harmonizing SPACE can bring. 

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