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3 hours (1x session) of Harmonizing SPACE

  • 150 Canadian dollars

During this session we will harmonize a small SPACE and start freeing your time. An example of a small SPACE could be a closet, bathroom or category of items. We will start by decluttering the stuff no longer used, organizing the things that are loved or useful and designing a system for it all so that you continue to save time and enjoy the SPACE going forward. The goal with your personalized system is to have your things work for you and a SPACE that is easily maintained. The days of stuff taking over your life and energy are over. Start saving time and enjoy your small SPACE now.

To cancel your session, please allow 24 hours notice. Call, text or email and we can reschedule for a better day. Life happens! Sessions cancelled without this notice may receive a $40 service charge.

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